South Gloucestershire Locality Partner

    Welcome to the South Gloucestershire Locality Partnership (LP)

    The South Gloucestershire Locality Partnership is one of six locality partnerships across the Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire area.

    Locality Partnerships are made up of a group of providers across voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE), GP practices, hospitals, community health and social care services who work together to benefit the community. It’s about understanding and connecting with each other, to plan and coordinate services that meet the needs of the individual.

    Through this joined up approach, we can look at other factors that may be important to our residents, such as where they live, the quality of their housing, the opportunities to be involved in local projects, as well as look at how they can improve their health and wellbeing.  The locality approach is about giving people a sense of purpose, helping them to feel part of a community, so that they can live fulfilled and independent lives.

    This is a new approach, a start of a journey where all our partner organisations pull together. Development of the Locality Partnership allows us to build on the strengths of our existing relationships and set our sights on delivering improved integrated health and care for our residents and their families across the South Gloucestershire locality.